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D-Tech Systems Ltd - Helping to Preserve Heritage

Environmental Monitoring Equipment for Museums, Art Galleries & Heritage Sites

The equipment we supply is of the highest quality and accuracy, to help with any environmental monitoring conservation and control. We can monitor virtually any parameter from the standard temperature and humidity to flood sensors, air quality sensors, Lux / UV light, weather stations and many more.

We can supply equipment for all budgets, ranging from handheld spot check instruments to standalone data loggers to full systems using radio, wifi or mobile phone network to gather data. Whether you’re in the museum, art gallery, or heritage site industry, click here to learn more about our fantastic environmental monitoring equipment, or get in touch with our friendly, knowledgeable team today.

Depending on your application and needs, we can supply a system with local computer / laptop installed software, or software on your main computer servers to cloud based software accessed by your mobile phone or any internet device anywhere in the world. Alarms can be set on the systems to enable alerts to be sent to advice of your environment and if the parameter has gone outside of your required tolerance. These alerts can be sent by email or text message or even local audible visual alarm. 

Environment Control Equipment

We can supply systems to provide data to “BMS” building environmental control equipment to enable better control of the environment and zoning areas. Our long-range radio sensors can cover complicated buildings with ease, making conservation easy without the need to install wired sensors.

Specifically for the heritage market, we have equipment that can control heating systems, either electrical or water filled radiators via “conservation heating” control programs to best control the humidity in an area using the local heating equipment.

We also specialise in providing humidifiers, dehumidifiers and control humidistats to control the humidity in an museum, art gallery, store room etc. We can also hire equipment for temporary exhibitions or loans. 

Calibration and Servicing

Our engineers have many years’ experience of servicing and calibrating environmental monitoring and control equipment used in the museum, art gallery heritage sectors. We provide on-site or in-house servicing and calibration of instruments and equipment whether it has been supplied by us or installed by a third party. Stay focused on conservation and let us worry about the rest - get in touch with our friendly team today for a competitive quote!

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