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Eltek Wireless Monitoring Equipment

D-Tech Systems Ltd are the UK and Ireland agent for the Eltek range of monitoring equipment for the museums, art gallery and heritage market. From single standalone monitors to complete systems monitoring several sites and the ability to use local network, internet, phone and mobile data networks.

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High quality equipment for measuring and recor​ding many different parameters including humidity and temperature to light, people counters, flood sensors, air quality and many other scientific parameters.

User friendly software to record and display data and produce graphs and reports. Many options on software install and data viewing including web based to enable viewing of graphs from any device with internet access.

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Full 3 year warranty on the Eltek product range and unrivalled comprehensive technical support and backup for all customers.

Please call or email for advice, further information and prices on the equipment and systems.

Hand-held Instruments and Loggers

D-Tech Systems Ltd can advise on use and supply hand-held instruments and data-loggers for measuring and recording environmental parameters.

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