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Heritage & Conservation Environmental Monitoring Data Loggers

D-Tech have many year’s experience in the field of environmental monitoring. We have a large portfolio of customers from many sectors and applications. From museums and art galleries to private collections, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and food industries.

D-Tech specialise in calibration of many datalogging systems either supplied by D-Tech or supplied by other manufacturers. With most work being able to be performed on site this reduces the time that the loggers are not recording data and any risks with packing and shipping.

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Environmental Monitoring Dataloggers for Museums, Heritage & Conservation Industries

We are a UK and Ireland agent for the British made Eltek radio telemetric system of sensors and data loggers and specialise in this product range for the museums, heritage and conservation market. Not only for environmental monitoring but also integrating systems into heating control equipment to provide a complete solution for monitoring and control, including conservation heating systems. They use a high power, battery operated radio transmitter to send the data back to a base station thus giving reliable data collection. We have systems installed in large Stately Homes and Museums and have no issues with radio reception because of the design and electronics of the equipment. Software installations can be tailored to suit your required, from a single install on a local PC or laptop, to server based installs or "cloud" storage and viewing systems.

Cloud Based Environmental Monitoring Dataloggers

We supply a range of unique “Cloud Based” dataloggers which can operate via wifi, Ethernet or mobile phone data network. They then send their data back to the cloud servers to enable the data to be viewed from any internet device from anywhere in the world. There is a good range of plug in sensors, so along with the onboard temperature, humidity and light sensor other remote sensors like, temp / RH case probe, freezer temp, Co2, wind speed etc can be logged. There is even a GPS enabled logger which can then log it’s location using satellites. They all have their own onboard memory so that even if they cannot send their data to the cloud servers the data is continued to be stored ready to send that stored data when data connection is restored.

Tiny Tag Environmental Monitoring Datalogger

If only a stand-alone datalogger is required then we are a supplier of the well-known “Tinytag" range of dataloggers and software. Used all over the world and throughout the museums and heritage market as well as industrial applications. The loggers are very discreetly packaged and ruggedly built for many years of service.