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Novasina Products & Instruments | Service & Calibration

D-Tech Systems are the UK and Ireland approved Novasina agent for their high quality, high accuracy Climate range of Swiss-made products. Our company have many years’ experience and knowledge of Novasina products and instruments and provide their full range of New Climate instrumentation. We also provide technical support, service and calibration for all existing and older instrumentation.

Novasina nSens probes

The Swiss made Novasina nSens humidity probe is at the heart of all the measuring instruments. Intelligent sensor technology, all the calibration data stored on the sensor itself. This means the sensor can easily be replaced, calibrated or moved from instrument to instrument without reconfiguring or calibrating the instrument. Adjustable at 13 humidity calibration points for the highest accuracy available.

Available as standard capacitive technology or the world beating accuracy of electrolytic technology, extremely low drift and hysteresis over many years Version available that can reliably operate up to full saturation. Temperature only sensor available too. Modbus adapter available to feed digital data straight into your network.

Novasina nLink Instrument \ Transmitter

The Novasina nLink instrument is a compact IP67 cased analog humidity and temperature instrument \ transmitter with two fully configurable and scalable outputs. 5 to 36 volt DC powered. NFC interface to allow readings to be displayed on your mobile phone. Available as a duct mount, room mount or extension cable instrument. Also available as a cabinet DIN rail mounting instrument and temperature only if required.

Novasina Quantadat Instrument \ Transmitter

The Novasina Quantadat instrument \ transmitter allows for 4 analog outputs, all fully configurable and scalable. Any combination between 1 to 4 nSens probes can be used. Powered by 5 to 36 volt DC  or 19 to 27 volt AC. Clear backlit 4 line LCD display. Version available with 2 configurable relay contacts for alarms etc. Up to 30 metre cable length between instrument and probe. IP54 classed case.

Novasina Calibration Standards

Novasina humidity standards (SAL-SC) are used for calibration, adjustment or verification / check of many different types of humidity sensors and instruments with a probe / sensor diameter up to 20mm. The salt standard consists of special, saturated solution to provide long term stable humidity values with an accuracy of 0.3% possible. Available in 9 different humidity values from 6% to 97% RH. The standards  can be used immediately without any additional preparation and are reusable for many years if stored properly in their supplied storage container.