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D-Tech Systems Ltd - Helping to Preserve Heritage

Museum Humidifiers & Spare Parts

Water Activity Instruments and Spares

D-Tech Systems has many years’ experience in the field of water activity in the food, pharmaceutical and oil industries. We offer technical advice, the supply of new instruments, spares and consumables, as well as service and calibration of your existing instruments. Please call or email for more information, prices or a demonstration.

Humidifier Hire

D-Tech humidifier hire could be the answer to increase humidity in a museum, art gallery, store etc on a short to medium time basis. Ideal for a short term exhibition or display where humidity levels are critical or to cover for a equipment maintenance / repair.  Please call or email for further details and prices / terms

Humidifiers and De-Humidifiers

D-Tech Systems Ltd can advise on the use and supply of portable humidifiers, de-humidifiers and control equipment to aid in the control of the humidity and environment in museums, art galleries and other applications.

Please call or email for further advise information and prices.

Call 01403 610091  or email [email protected]

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