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D-Tech Systems is a Distributor of the Ubibot range of cloud based data loggers.

There is a wide range of loggers and probes to suit most applications, from science, industry and agriculture to heritage and conservation as well as use in the home to monitor your environment. D-Tech Systems have many years of environmental monitoring experience and we are here to help you choose the best product for your requirements and application.

      Some of the advantages and unique features of the Ubibot loggers and system.

  • Built in Temperature, Humidity and Light sensors
  • Vast range of plug in sensor probes to monitor many parameters
  • Connection options of WiFi, Ethernet and Mobile phone via SIM card
  • Built in 300,000 point memory to ensure no loss of data in case of network issues
  • Free cloud based subscription for most users needs, (no expensive on-going subscription)
  •  data can easily be exported to excel, reports in PDF format
  • Abilitiy to calibrate the sensors
  • Phone Apps (Android and Iphone) and Web Console, monitor your data at all times
  • Free email and mobile phone app alarm alerts. (optional text messaging)
  • IP65 models available for use in harsh environments and outdoors
  • Many power options, Alkaline batteries, USB, 12v DC, Solar Panel and re-chargeable lithium

We stock most models from the entry level Ubibot WS1 to the screen version Ubibot WS1 Pro to the more industrial specification Ubibot GS1 and Ubibot GS2 range. All at competative prices with the added advantage that you are buying from experts in the product range that would rather talk you through the options and advice the best loggers for your application  rather than a quick internet sale.

We can supply complete turn-key systems from 1 to 100's of loggers and assist in setting up the hardware, networking  and software cofiguaration. Working with you to set up alarm ranges and alerts so you can focus on your work knowing that the Ubibot system is monitoring, recording and alerting you as required.

Please do contact us for further details, technical specification and prices.

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